Belt + Buckle Combos = Creative GroomsMen Gifts

Wedding Season has arrived for yet again for the warm and sunny side of the year.

Stencil Initials

And FosterWeld has been apart of those wedding festivities since the birth of our buckle line over 7 years ago.

With so many possibilities in colors and designs, Belt + Buckle combos are not only great as gifts, but also compliments any Groomsmen wedding party during the Big Day!

We specialize in creating extremely high quality unique groomsmen gifts, whether your looking to do personalized gifts or keeping it low-key with a matching set.

If you are interested in getting Custom Pieces please plan ahead! The turnaround for our CNC or Laser Cut Buckles average 3-4 weeks. Any other styles are usually ready within a week of ordering.

If you are thinking about getting 5 or more pieces at a time we may be able to hook you up with a discount! Please contact us at for more details!

 Stamped Buckles Custom Grill Belt Buckles 

CNC Milled Initials

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