If you are looking to purchase our products at a wholesale price, please read below. 

THE WHOLESALE PROCESS: $1000 opening order / 25 piece refill orders
We have a new process that makes ordering super simple.  
1. Send us an email to info@fosterweld.com and tell us a little about your store. We will reply with our wholesale terms and conditions. 
2. Once you agree to those terms, we will set you up as a customer on fosterweld.com
3. You will be sent an invite from our website and you will simply follow directions and log in to fosterweld.com 
4. When you are logged in, you will only see wholesale pricing. Simply log in and begin shopping.
  • We love making custom local merch, specific to your area so let us know if we can collaborate on some ideas. We can make custom bottle openers, buckles, belts, anything you want. Send us an  message!
  • Remember that all of our items are handmade to order and wholesale orders take 3-4 weeks to ship.  
  • Not all items are a full 50% off and on those items we cannot go any lower on our pricing.  
Don't forget to send us pictures of your Fosterweld gear displays to info@fosterweld.com for some love on Instagram. Or tag us @fosterweld !