FosterWeld: HandMade

FosterWeld at it's is core about creating. Our medium is metal. Our technique; welding. 

Everything that comes out of our shop is emblematic of our mantra: HandMade.

All of our pieces start with a vision, a need, or just a desire to see something new. 

Buckles come to our shop as raw plates of metal, they are then given "The Treatment". Through the processes of grinding, bending, hammering, welding, brazing, painting, and distressing, they are finally kicked out of the nest to see if they can manage on their own. The product of anything Handmade is always unique. On some pieces it might simply be the distressed pattern; on larger pieces the colors, spot welds, or dimensions are all traits that give handmade items their value, their uniqueness, their rarity.

 Snaps and Pins Kurt gettin' his Weld on

Hammered Copper Belts, finished and ready to go

The next time you find yourself figidity, anticipating that new piece of FW in the mail, just remember your piece is the only one (no carbon copies here), be proud to rep your Handmade (in the USA) gear!

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