Coming In From The Cold

bob marley, fosterweld, belt buckles, bob marley fashionOnce the holidays are over, I have to confess: I have no love for winter. In Idaho, we don't get a ton of snow and it's mostly just cold and cloudy during January and February. 

So I'll do things like go tanning and listen to reggae and drink smoothies in anticipation for summer.

I was doing some, *ahem, research on Bob Marley, and found this photo. Check out that belt buckle!

Now, unless you have the great privilege of living closer to the equator, go ahead and sit in the sun or go to Disneyland... lively up yourself!

Now, say you were to want the exact belt buckle Mr. Marley is wearing there... or something similar, at least... believe it or not we can do that.

We are the custom belt buckle PROS. With a talented designer and a professional welder standing by to make your wildest belt buckle dreams become a reality. Belts, belt buckles, cuffs, and more.

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