Going Back To Cali

The latest addition to our State Flag Buckle collection is the California State flag. Are you ready for a little history lesson? 

california  state flag mistakeWhen the region we know as California wrested itself from the hands of the Mexican government, they were an autonomous republic, and not a state, at first. One of the leaders of the independence movement was a pear farmer - Captain Jebediah Bartlett, the developer of the famous Bartlett pear. During the chaos that ensued after the original battle that freed California from Mexico, Bartlett strongly suggested that the new flag bear the image of a pear to symbolize the agriculturally rich Central Valley.

(Image & facts via Snopes.com)

The creator of the flag misread the note, and when the flag flew in battle for the first time, it was graced by a bear and a single star representing their independence.

Sounds like a happy accident to us here at the Fosterweld shop. This metal belt buckle has thecalifornia belt buckle classic design of the California State Flag, and is one of our favorite State Flag buckles to date. Whether you're from California, or just love the state, one of these cool belt buckles deserves a place in your collection. Don't forget one of our cool distressed leather belts - this is the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season. 

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