Aaron Pelsue Band - Fosterweld Merch + Great Music!

If you're in the Indianapolis area this Friday (October 21st), don't miss the  Aaron Pelsue Band CD release concert at East 91st Street Christian Church. Aaron is a great friend of the brains behind Fosterweld; Chris Foster. Here at the Fosterweld shop, we can't wait to hear the new Aaron Pelsue Band "Save The Earth" CD. 

These cool wrist cuffs that will be on sale at the show tomorrow night are some of the most unique pieces we make - we broke out the metallic enamel for these! If you're looking for some unique band merch for your band, and some blog love, give us a holler at fosterweld2@gmail.com. We love helping cool people with cool ideas, so if you think you qualify then don't wait another minute!
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