Enjoying The Summer

It's a mighty hot summer in Boise, Idaho - but we are soaking up every moment we can in the sun and water here. When we're not in the Fosterweld shop making cool belt buckles and distressed belts, you can find us fishing, camping, hiking, and riding our bikes around town. 

As we enjoy these last few weeks of summer, we want to remind all of you to get out there and enjoy it as well. Spend some time with your kids at a hobby you used to participate in when you were a kid, or throw some steak on the grill and have the neighbors over for a beer. 

Soon enough, summer will be over and the holiday season will be upon us - and we'll all be busier than ever making cool handmade accessories for your waist and wrists. Check back with us often for more products, and we'll see you soon! 

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