Fosterweld & UNIFY: Custom Merch for your Cause

unique handmade merchThe best advertisement is word of mouth - and that's why your followers, minions, and devotees need to be wearing some custom Fosterweld gear at all times. 

We work with several causes, including Sole Hope and Planet Soul - both great organizations with goals that benefit the world around them. 

Planet Soul is an organization that seeks to make each person aware of the oneness they should share with the people around them - we are all in this world together, and we should treat each person with the respect and kindness that we would like to have shown towards us. Their token phrase "Unify" encourages us to achieve unity with the people around us through small acts of kindness every day.

Our customized cuffs are great as a fundraising tool, and they are great for getting the word out - imagine someone coming up to you and asking about your cause, instead of you always having to find a way to bring it up in conversation. 

Handmade metal and leather accessories are unique and affordable pieces that people can keep for years to come. Contact us at to get a FREE SAMPLE CUFF. 

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