One Of A Kind Premium Leather Belts, Embossed To Your Liking

embossed leather beltWe've all had our share of nicknames - good and bad. My name is Abigail, and I'm always amazed at the nicknames people gravitate towards. Abster, Abarilla, Aborigine...

I'm not so sure I'd want to put any of those names on a belt, but I'm sure you have a great nickname that would look awesome on one of our black leather belts. 

Maybe you don't have much of a nickname, but your pets have great names. We had someone order a kids belt with their pets names on it! Whatever the word - we can stamp it on our leather.

We've got a wide variety of color treatments for our premium distressed leather belts - so don't forget to check out all the options and look at our "Skinny" belt option too. 

Now don't stop there. You need cool belt buckles to work that belt in style. Check out everything at

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