Beyond the Band Tee: Band Merch that ROCKS

I was concert-deprived growing up. Living in Meridian, Idaho, we didn't have many cool bands come through our part of town. Whenever a good show did come through, I was usually a day late and a dollar short. Therefore, my wardrobe is severely lacking in band merch. Time to fix that. 

custom band merchFosterweld custom band merch is perfect for the fan that already owns four of your bands tees, and doesn't want to buy one of those cheap little plastic wristbands - the Fosterweld wrist cuff is the perfect piece to complete your street teams uniform.

We can take any metal and leather combination and turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your fans to take home. We've had artists move 100s of pieces across their merch tables in one weekend - and we've never once heard of our products just not selling. 

unique band merch
Although wrist cuffs are the more popular band merch choice, we also can do custom buckles, belts, and even guitar straps. We are always looking for ways to stretch our creativity, too - so if you have an idea, give us a challenge and see if we can't make something that will give your fans a totally unique piece of band merch.

Give us an email at if you'd like to get a sample our work to sell at your shows just to try out - we wont' dissappoint! 

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