Happy Birthday Mom

Most of our cool belt buckles may suit the menfolk, but we have a few irresistable options for the ladies as well. 

womens belt buckle

My personal favorite is the Oval Frame Buckle. This buckle traditionally comes with a simple stainless finish, but we can color and distress the oval just like any of our other buckles. You can even put two colors on and distress it so that both of the colors show - like black with a light violet layer underneath. Pair that with one of our distressed belts - especially the black leather belts - and you've got a versatile belt and buckle that will work with lots of outfits.

pretty belt buckle

This is one of our most beautiful buckles - distressed or not, this buckle is a great addition to any wardrobe. The elegant pattern fits a wide range of styles - you can wear this with your cowboy boots or your 7's with heels. 

So you can see my dilemma... how do I choose one of these buckles for my Mom's birthday present? Of course, she'll get the other one next year.

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