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Fosterweld is your one-stop shop for all cool belt buckles and distressed leather belts - we are the ORIGINAL handmade metalworks accessories!  

three 0 fosterweld buckle You are probably already familiar with our famous Three-O Buckle, especially since it won our Best Preaching Buckle competition a few weeks ago. You should be able to catch Pastor Bern Velasco in this buckle preachin' up a storm on any given Sunday.

However, we have two new buckles which you may not be familiar with yet. In fact, they are so new, they are nameless. This is where you come in. NAME THAT BELT BUCKLE. The winning submission will get a 25% discount on the buckle that he or she names. 
fosterweld belt buckles 

The naming rules for this buckle are as follows. You cannot use the words: frame, silver, metal, or any other boring words.

And my personal favorite:
fosterweld buckle

I've decided to not put any rules on this one, but you get the drift - no boring names allowed!

With great power comes great responsibility - use your buckle-naming abilities wisely. Send your submissions in to!

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