The Foster 5

The Foster 5

Last week we voted on the best preachin buckle (Three-O won!), and this week we have The Foster Five. Vote on the best cool belt buckle out of these 5!HW

This is one of the custom buckles we did - love the font, the design, and the brushed metal finish. This buckle makes a statement without being too flashy. We're calling this buckle the HW for voting purposes.

cool belt buckle

This Perforated Buckle design is my personal favorite! The red background with the steel cover looks awesome, especially with our distressed belts.

cool belt buckle

This buckle is super fly. Our Edge Buckle is the ultimate buckle for athletes or sports fans I think - it just has that clean cut but rugged look to it. 

welded belt buckle

This buckle is extra-awesome - it's our Flag Buckle with red AND black paint on it, distressed to perfection. Paired with a black leather belt, this is a great buckle that just allows for a pop of color.

cheap belt buckle

This buckle is the best of our distressed look and our affordable prices. The Recession Buckle (which comes at a great discount with a simple black belt) comes in a wide variety of colors and it's an incredible value for the price.

So, what do you think? Vote on your favorite buckle!

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