You Know You Want A Piece

custom metal furnitureIt's no surprise that color and surroundings are proven to affect your mood. I personally like to live in colorful rooms, and work in modern and streamlined environments. Nothing says you love where you live or work like a piece of fine handmade furniture!

This mirror is one of my personal favorites of all the custom pieces we've done. It kind of reminds me of portholes in a submarine or something - overall, it just adds so much character to that room and that wall.  

What hall or room in your home or office could use a little more character?

These barstools are another one of my favorite pieces of our handmade furniture Idaho. custom barstoolsThe simple, modern design complements the wall behind it, and they add an awesome urban feel to this already cool room. 

Custom urban furniture doesn't have to break the bank - Fosterweld is your place for quality design and affordable urban furniture.

Invest in your home or workplace by making it a more comfortable and functional place to live. You'll be amazed at how adding art into the mix changes your mood and your efficiency.

Contact us today at for even more info - we'd love to get working on a project together!

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