Groomsman Gift That Doesn't Disappoint!

My dad has been the best man in more weddings than I can count. I don't know if it's his coolness factor, or his friendliness - all I know is that my dad is in the wedding party at 9/10 weddings we go to. 
groomsmen gifts

I think the most memorable gift he's gotten so far is an engraved pen with his name on it. It's sitting in a closet... somewhere.

Hold up. Why would you get your groomsmen a gift that they'll never use? Get them custom buckles engraved with their initials and the date of the wedding somewhere tastefully placed - add a black leather belt, and you're good to go. The options are endless.

At Fosterweld, we can customize these buckles several ways - our CNC mill (which creates the cool engraved metal buckles), stenciled buckles, and then finally laser cut buckles. You choose the design, and we put it to production. All this, for a really affordable price! Pair these buckles with one of our distressed belts and you've got a groomsmen's gift that will be used throughout a lifetime.groomsmen gifts

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