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custom railing boise

Brushed steel furniture that is handmade really can add character to your home.

We made this custom handrail and it adds just the right amount of interest to the room - it fits with the rest of the decor, but it's definitely more interesting than a railing you'd pick up at the next home interiors store.

The homeowners gave Chris some creative freedom to design this piece - they just gave him the custom railingperameters and basic vision, and - voila! A custom piece of contemporary urban furniture.

Here at Fosterweld, we can take your vision and our expertise and make something that is totally unique, and totally you. And, since everything is handmade right here in our shop in Boise, Idaho, we can guarantee that the quality and craftsmanship will be in a totally different class than anything you'll find in the department store.

boise idaho custom furniture

We don't think you should have to be a millionaire to have a piece of custom modern furniture in your house. We have affordable prices on our custom pieces, so you can make your ideas come alive without giving us a leg and an arm.

They're like tattoos, though - we don't think you'll be able to stop at one.

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