VOTE: The Best Preachin' Buckle

Yesterday I got the question: what do you think would be the best buckle to go with a black preachin' suit?

That's a tough one. You want it to be simple, clean, and super classy.

So I leave it to you guys: what is the best buckle out of these three to go with a black preachin' suit? We'll start with a black leather belt, and you'll have to go from there. The buckle with the most amount of votes will get a 10% coupon code to go along with it next week.


First up is the Bliss Buckle. It's got a simple stainless base with a lot of detail on the top - perfect, because from far away, it just looks like a nice shiny buckle. As they get closer, they realize the etching on the top isn't so subtle - and then the inevitable question... "where did you get that buckle?"      I can see this buckle on a classic preacher, as he sweats up a storm and is yelling from the platform... yes, I can see that.

Second in the runnings is the Slag Buckle. These cool belt buckles are each unique based on theslag method that is used to create them. There's something about this buckle that is clean but rugged all at the same time - which makes it the perfect preachin' belt buckle. This buckle and a distressed black belt are a killer combination - I can see this buckle on an urban preacher, maybe he's wearing black TOM'S shoes as well.

The Slag Buckle is versatile, too - so definitely not limited to Sundays wearing this one. Try any one of our distressed belts to showcase this buckle.

Last, but not least, we have the Three-O Buckle. 
three-oThis buckle is the classiest of them all. With its modern design and clean lines, it is all the best you could ask for in a preachin' buckle. Not too flashy, but decidedly an attention-getter. 

Chris, the owner, made this buckle in honor of his 30th birthday. It's functionality is unlike most of our other buckles, which makes it a great piece to add if you've already got a Fosterweld collection started. 

Go ahead, wear this buckle. And tell them to amen again.

What do you think? Vote for "The Best Preachin' Buckle" and I'll be tallying up the votes!

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