Buckle Meets Art

laser cutWant to showcase your own artwork? Our custom buckles are a great way to do that. We've got several methods to choose from to create those perfect custom buckles you've been wanting, and at a reasonable rate. 

My personal favorite is the laser-cut method. It leaves you with a clean cut out buckle that you can use on any of our distressed belts so you can wear it all the time. Company logos, initials, artwork, and more can all be configured on a laser-cut buckle that you'll want to show off.

milled metal buckleThe second kind of cool belt buckles we can make are the "milled" buckles - where your design is etched out of the metal using a high-tech process. This is perfect for symbols or images with tiny pieces, such as the tiny toes on the baby feet on this buckle.

These buckles are great for commemorating important moments with style, and it's something you'll be able to use all the time. We use industry-standard methods of creating these buckles, so you'll be pleased for years to come with the quality of the product you receive.

Finally, we have the stencilstencil method, our most affordable way of customizing your buckle. We can add several colors to the buckle this way as well, and so you've got a good chance helping us make you a buckle that really stands out in the crowd. This buckle is a good example of where we can start from - but why not distress the buckle as well? Or make the chevron symbol green? There are tons of possibilities, so you can feel free to be creative.

Go for your standard black leather belt with these to showcase them, or take one of our distressed belts and throw it on there for a little added style. Either way, it's a great way to show what's important to you.

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