In a world of IKEA...

It's time for a revolution. A revolution of the handmade, the custom, and the imperfect. A return custom welded furnitureto the artisan; a rejection of the mass-produced.

While I might be dramatizing it a little, there really is something to be said about fine handmade furniture that distinguishes your pad from your neighbors'. Custom furniture tables are a great housewarming gift, and a custom desk is a great career-milestone gift. Custom furniture is also a great wedding gift that the bride and groom will cherish for years. You can have their last name engraved on one of the doors, or possibly etched into an art piece. At Fosterweld, we're always striving to create something with character & uniqueness. 

Whether you're seeking art for your walls or super-functional furniture, we've got the creativity and the skill to carry it out, . It's about making your home a place of art, not just a place to put your stuff. Urban home furniture isn't hard to come by anymore - but the truly unique pieces can take your vision and make it a reality! 

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