Inital Investment

People who have cool initials (that spell a word, or are 3 of the same letter, etc.) have it easy. They end up getting called by "JD" or "AJ" when they really have semi-boring names, like Jim Dean or Anthony James. The cool factor is undeniable.

Then there are people like my boyfriend, Jon Page. When I first met him, people were calling him "JP." I thought, who names their kid "JP?" Luckily, it didn't stick - although if he'd had one of these cool belt buckles with his initals on it, I might have overlooked the JP thing entirely.

initial belt buckle

Take a black leather belt and throw your initials on a custom belt buckle and you'll have a piece you'll wear for the rest of your life.

single letter buckle

If you're lucky enough to be so iconic that people just call you "B" - then you can't help but have one of these cool belt buckles.

It's about building a personal brand, and custom buckles are a great way to do it. If you're a little shy of a belt with your initials on it, why not go for a few wrist cuffs with a few different colors? 

classic initaled belt buckle

This fashion belt buckle is perfect for Father's day - engraved metal is a great gift, especially for someone who likes hand made accessories.

No matter what the initals in question are, wear them proud.

Do you already have your initials on a Fosterweld belt buckle? If so, send us a picture of you rocking that buckle - and we'll send you a 10% off coupon code to get round 2 for either yourself or a friend!

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