Buckles Just Waiting To Be Worn

Custom bucklesFosterweld is a small belt buckle company located in Boise, Idaho, that loves to bring smiles to belt buckle lov'n folk. We make all kinds of custom buckles, the CNC Milled Custom belt buckle, the Stenciled belt buckle, and the Laser cut belt buckle!

I have personally used the CNC machine, and it can make almost anything on a buckle. The Stenciled has pretty limitless advantages, and it is cheaper than our other two options. The Laser cut was "to cool for school" to be pictured in this blog, so click on the laser cut above and check those babies out.

Pictured to the left right is a collection of our CNC milled and Stenciled buckles that we shipped out a couple weeks ago. Recently, the most popular buckles have been made with personal names, initials, and or logos. There are truly endless possibilities. Take a look at these, remake one, or come up with one of your very own ideas. Please contact us with any request.

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