"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman!"

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Cool custom belt buckles
Growing up with my little brother really opened my eyes to his true creative mind. He, along with every other boy in the world I’m sure, wanted to be a super hero. He would talk about what powers he wanted, like flying, and of course, the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes. He would also talk about who he would fight against or, in his words, “totally destroy.” I, of course, would end up being the Villain. The thing is we grew up out in the middle of nowhere, so I would play any, and all, of my little brothers games, so I wouldn’t die of boredom.

Here at Fosterweld, we love to keep the child like dream alive.  Why not keep it alive on a cool belt buckle? The pictured buckle is a CNC milled custom buckle. This particular customer chose the superman emblem, along with a sharp red background. I’m not sure what the SS stands for, but I’m assuming something like Super Steve. Ok only kidding, but I’m sure something awesome.

Our custom buckles done with the CNC milled technique have to go through an approval process. Good news is about 95% of the ideas that come in, we can do without altering the design. If you are interested, or want more ideas, check out our custom buckles page. Please feel free to  contact us with your awesom idea, and I might even blog about it. 

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