No job too small

welded belt buckle
We at Fosterweld view no job too small. It's the little things that make our products beautiful.  Chris Foster, owner/artist, is a certified welder, who pays attention to small proper welds. Whether that is in with our cool belt buckles or our custom welded furniture. 

Each of our buckles are made out of a small batch of Mild Steel, Hand-bent, Hand-stamped, Welded, Painted, Hand-distressed, then the edges are beveled with a grinder and finished with an automotive clear coat to keep this puppy shining for the long haul.

For each of our unique metal furniture projects, they vary in detail. Let's just say, when we say “unique” we mean “one-of-a-kind”, because we work with your design to hand craft one piece of furniture at a time to fulfill your order and your dream. If you are interested in our furniture contact us through our website

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