Arizona State

awesome arizona state belt buckle
Fosterweld is a cool belt buckle company, located in Boise, Idaho. However, the owner, along with myself, were born in Arizona. We just recently had a customer order a custom buckle of the Arizona flag, and we thought it would be fitting to blog about our own beloved birth state. Did you know that it was the last of the lower 48 to become a state? The flag itself is a representation of our country's symbol. The 13 rays of red and gold represent the 13 colonies of the Union, and Western setting sun. The bottom half of the flag is the same blue as the United States flag, as well as a tribute to the blue in the Union flag. As for the copper star, it was placed on the flag because the state was the largest producer of Copper in the nation. The flag was designed by Colonel Charles W. Harris.

Fosterweld does a lot of custom buckles. We can make anything from a buckle that says, Hi mom, to the flag of someone's birth state. This particular buckle was made with our Stencil technique. Other options that are offered include, laser and CNC milled. Please contact us with any questions that you may have concerning a custom buckle.

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