Urban Home Furniture Made in Idaho

Urban Furniture IdahoLooking for some unique decor for your pad? Want to avoid the cookie-cutter IKEA-adorned abode that everyone else seems to have? Look no further than the modern urban furniture that Fosterweld offers, custom-made and manufactured in Indianapolis, USA.

Fosterweld's modern urban furniture is made from intriguing metals, offering such options as steel tube furniture, steel frame furniture, and galvanized steel furniture. From contemporary dining room sets to brightly painted tables, brushed steel bookshelves, and stunning mirrors with a modern art feel, you're certain to find something that suits you and resonates with your unique personality. Their metal furniture isn't strictly urban, either; their styles range exquisitely from rough and rugged to romantic, so you're bound to find something that's perfect for your apartment and fits with the furniture you already have. A variety of different color options are available, and you can even special order their modern urban furniture and work with Fosterweld to get exactly what you want so you can have the house or apartment you've always dreamed of. Renovate your bedroom, dining room, living room, or all of the above with Fosterweld's utilitarian yet eye-catching pieces. And don't worry about the price; this is affordable contemporary furniture, even if you ignore how sturdy their furniture is compared to the flavorless, mass-produced stuff that barely lasts a year.

Fosterweld furniture is made in the USA, by artists and technicians who are passionate about what they do and the furniture they build; something you certainly won't find in a catalog. Love your apartment and become the envy of your friends with Fosterweld's simple, artistic pieces. Email Chris at fosterweld@gmail.com to make your custom ideas come true.

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