Concerts that Rock your face off

April 14, 2011

Band merchandise    Picture this: it's a hot summer night, your surrounded by people you don't know. Sweat is pouring down your face because you've been jumping up and down jamming out on your instrument singing the words to YOUR song you wrote. Then all of a sudden all these people your playing for begin singing along and dancing to your song. To top it all off they are wearing your band's merchandise.
     I know Casting Crowns has felt this sensation. We at Fosterweld made leather wrist cuffs for them for their summer tour. We would love to make this picture come alive for you too! Are you in a band? Do you need merchandise to sell at your sweet concerts? Give Chris an email at We have awesome wholesale deals just waiting for you. All you need to do is come up with a design for a cool belt buckle, or our most popular, leather wrist bands, and we make it come to life.

hand made band merchandisesweet leather wrist bands

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