Fine Handmade Furniture in Idaho Not Your Grandmother's House

If you've ever gone shopping for truly urban furniture, you know how difficult the search can be. At most stores, you walk through aisle after aisle of, basically, the same old styles you've seen at every other store. If you do manage to find a few modern pieces, they are often too limited in stock to match your decor, or priced way beyond most people's means or dreams.

At Fosterweld, we have dedicated ourselves, for over ten years, to custom furniture creations that are unique and affordable. (When have you ever seen the words “custom” and “affordable” in the same sentence?) Our artisans work with you to create the modern steel furniture piece perfect for your home. We hand craft anything from urban bedroom furniture, to custom tables to custom crafted desks.

Many stores use the word “unique”, when they really mean “we only stock one of each color.” When we say “unique” we mean “one-of-a-kind”, because we have worked with your design to hand craft one piece of furniture at a time to fulfill your order and your dream. If you are interested please email Chris at

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