Little Maelie

stencil bucklesStencil's that touch the heart! Fosterweld just recently had a customer customize the buckle pictured for their little bundle of joy. Curious how our process works? First, you the customer comes up with a bolla belt buckle design, and we ok it, then finalize it, cut it, peel it, place it, paint it, coat it, ship it, and then you love it. It's a tedious job, but WE SERIOUSLY LOVE IT.

All of our cool belt buckles are unique, but I think that our stencil buckle is a pretty sweet idea, and it's a little more affordable compared to our other cool CNC MILLED belt buckle, or LASER CUT BELT BUCKLE options. Bonus, FOSTERWELD also sells DISTRESSED BELTS, or just normal fashion belts if that's more your thing to go with this stencil buckle. Check these out!

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