Be the change!

handmade belt buckle"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin." ~ Victor Kiam
Japan has been going through some serious trials, from earthquakes, to tsunamis, even through nuclear crisis. They need our help, and not just for a month or two, this will take several years. I know a lot of you are thinking, well what can one person do? It starts with the small efforts that build up to be the big ones.

wants to help be apart of the change, and you can help us do that. We have made several cool belt buckles, and leather wrist bands that mirror Japan's flag. For every Japan belt buckle and/or wrist cuff sold, 50% of the proceeds, will be donated by Fosterweld to Samaritan's Purse. Place an order today and help be apart of the change.

sweet leather wrist cuffcool belt buckles for japan

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