ATTENTION LADIES!!! Want a free $30 gift card???

March 23, 2011

Our Fosterweld contest continues until next Monday. Ladies all you have to do is go to our blog host's site, and follow Amy's instructions for a free $30 gift card to our shop. Once you have that card, you are free to give a gift, or receive it yourself. ;) Truthfully ladies, we are hard to shop for because we either have everything we want, or typically we don't know what we want till we see it. It's quite simple though, we just need to try new hand made accessories, like a Fosterweld candy cuff, or skinny cuff

Sometimes the best gift is one that is least expected. Has anyone ever given a gift you never thought of buying for yourself, but now love? A leather wrist cuff is just that, it is an overlooked joy that many people are missing out on. Take a gander at these cool wrist bands.

sweet leather wrist bandsskinny wrist cuffs

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