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March 22, 2011

sweet leather wrist cuffsCONTEST WEEK!!!! This upcoming week we have decided to let Amy, a blogger that loves FOSTERWELD merchandise, host a little contest for us. This is a one week deal, so pay attention my friends. She is asking that you go to her website,, and learn how to earn points for each entry. She will then add those babies up, and give them back to me, where I will then present you with this awesome 30 dollar gift card for FOSTERWELD. Here is what she is asking of you lovely people:
1)Visit our website at, then leave feedback on HER blog on any item that you        loved.
2) Be a follower of her blog.
3) If you yourself are a blogger, blog about this great opportunity
4) Get a Friend to follow

One of our many cool belt buckles, trendy belts, or awesome leather wrist cuffs could be yours for free! Check out some of your options below!
hand made accessorieshand made leather belt

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