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We all knew the time would come when I would change my mind and chose another cool belt buckle. Fosterweld just has so many, how can a girl ever make up her mind? So my new favorite buckle is our RECESSION belt buckle. If you want an AWESOME DEAL???? check out the RECESSION BUCKLE and BELT COMBO, for the normal price of one of our buckles.

These buckles are completely handmade. Measuring 2.25" x 4", the 1/8" steel is sheered, stamped with logo, bent in a press, welded, followed by a individually finished hand-distressed technique on a variety of FOSTERWELD color treatments.

I have to stick to the classic this time. There is just something about the simplicity, that I find so esthetically pleasing. Also it is in my favorite color.  What's a girl without her accessories right?  So check out fosterweld's trendy belts too. 

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