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Two days ago I was sitting in one of my beloved coffee shops, and I ended up talking to this nice gentlemen. Well truthfully, I was talking with my friend that I had met there, and he kept ease dropping and laughing to himself about our comments. So we felt that it was necessary to include him. He said that he found our conversation quite interesting about our outlook on life. My friend and I are in our early twenty's and we are still trying to discover who we are,while doing this on a budget, and trying to be a grown up. This man, who was 30, said that life changes in your 30's, you know more of who you are, you have more money, and you become an adult...most people anyway. :)

This brings me to Fosterweld's "THREE O" belt buckle,which is dedicated to men and woman alike turning 30. Chris, the owner/designer, made this belt when he turned thirty, and this would make a great 30 year old gift for yourself, or someone you love. Twenty's are gone, and a new life has started so why not make a change with a new style. Ever worn cool belt buckles? Ever worn truly unique hand made accessories, not from china? This is the year!

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