Men Making Tread

cool belt bucklesAttention all MEN! Are you on the quest for manliness? I see you rock'n that flannel shirt, your beard, pocket knife, and ray bans. Let's accessorize your waist and drive the ladies crazy.

I personally love a manly man, you know one that could build me a house, hike for miles, and grow a beard. Women want to feel protected, provided for, and we dig a little mystery.  Truthfully, nothing makes a woman want a man more, then when a a man  A) is playing with a child, or B) rock'n manly attire.

Handmade accessories are what make or break an outfit. Add to your manliness, come-on gents. Your bringing back the mustache, have already grown the beard, wearing flannel shirts and form fitting jeans, this buckle is the missing link and will finalize your quest. Fosterweld makes this new TREAD belt buckle. It measures 2.25 x 4 inches making the perfect buckle size. Not to mention it looks awesome paired with one of our Distressed Belts.

hand made accessoriesawesome belt buckles

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