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I use to hate waiting. As a kid, my mother taught women's bible study, and we were always carted around to those studies. We had to wait while she taught and we entertained ourselves. One way that my brother and I would entertain ourselves would be cause havic. We would usually run up and down the church hallways playing tag. There was usally a quick mom yell down the hall to tell us to stop and we would respond the typical, "just a second" and quickly pretend we weren't doing anything wrong.

Thank goodness we don't think and act like children anymore, at least most days. Still to remember those days, I think of Fosterweld's 1 Second belt buckle. This is a handmade buckle made of American steel, hand cut into shape, welded into a belt buckle, and carefully gouged with 3 curved lines and beveled edges with a flashy silver finish. This buckle will fit ANY SNAP belt, if you already have one. If you need a belt, check out our fashion belts.

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