Forgot your New Years Resolution?

handmade accessoriesThe ball was dropping, confetti was flying, people were drinking, and you turned to your friend and said, this year I'm going to dress better. Have you done anything about it yet? Today can still be the beginning of something beautiful. This whole new year is about taking risks, and branching out in our fashion thoughts.

Check out Fosterweld's Distress Royal Blue fashion belts. All our belts are cut from PREMIUM FULL GRAIN leather hides that are made into belts with heavy duty snaps and 7 holes for a comfy fit.  Each belt is painted then hand distressed for that worn out bad to the bone look.  Each distressed belt is considered a SNAP BELT, which means that you can interchange the belt with any of our trendy belt buckles.

Need a cool belt buckle? We can help with that too. Take a gander at our Edge buckle. This buckle has two layers for the artistic look, and is quite the eye catcher.  You only live once, why not live on the edge, as well as wear it.
cool belt bucklesawesome handmade leather belt and buckle

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