Want your initials in a buckle?

custom buckleFosteweld may be a small belt buckle company, but we have big hearts for our customers. We want to not only make our own buckles, but also make your buckle ideas come true too. All of our merchandise is handmade and personally polished and or distressed.   No two buckles are exactly the same because we do not have a machine line just making these babies. Chris, the owner of the shop personally makes all the cool belt buckles.

If you are interested in a custom buckle, we offer several types.  Today's blog is just about our CNC milled buckles. We have one machine that is powered by Chris' specifications and measurement, and this machine follows what g-code he makes for the system. We offer two types of CNC milled buckles, the CNC and the CNC small. (the small ones are pictured)

On the CNC small buckles, most customers have placed their initials or a special date.  How the process works is, you will email Chris at fosterweld@gmail.com and send him a picture of your artwork, logos or picture you want on the buckle. He will then see if this is possible for the machine, and then your dreams will begin to come true....in 3 to 4 weeks. :) We also offer distressed fashion belts that would also look great with your new custom belt buckle.
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