The Elegant Edge of Galvanized Steel

hand made steel furnitureFrom the shining rails of transcontinental railways to the hidden backbone of city spires, steel is the foundation on which America is built. Steel is a piece of history, yet represents the latest innovations in industrial design. Fosterweld is proud to offer you a selection of home furnishings crafted from galvanized steel.

Galvanized steel furniture is rugged enough to last for years and beautiful enough that you'll want it to, unlike so many mass-produced pieces of particle board. Galvanized steel isn't just coated with varnish or paints that can peel with age, it's bonded at the molecular level with zinc to keep it free of rust and corrosion. The process leaves the steel with a dramatic crystalline finish that's unlike anything you're likely to find in your local furniture factory outlet.

Elegant with an edge, galvanized steel furniture sets your style apart from the masses. Each of Fosterweld's pieces is made by hand -- no cookie cutters allowed. They're made to last -- nothing endures like steel. And they're made in America -- wrought from the same stuff as Motor City's best rolling stock. When you buy a Fosterweld piece, you're getting a one-of-a-kind work made by the sort of master craftsmen who build for generations.

As your Fosterweld furniture is the confluence of the artist's vision and the steel's unique characteristics, no two pieces are alike and yours will differ from pictured items. Then again, if you're a Fosterweld client you wouldn't want it any other way. Email us at

Got a vision of your own? Fosterweld's artists can also craft custom pieces to your specifications.

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