Spring Has Sprung

wrist cuffs    Finally, after what feels like the longest winter of my life, it is 65 degrees outside today. I honestly felt as though this day would never come. My room mate and I walked out the door today without our protective gear...aka. winter coats. So I would like to declare a final goodbye to winter, I hope you don't return soon.  In honor of our new fabulous warm weather, I am going to brag about my new favorite item brought to the Fosterweld family.
     Our newest addition to the fosterweld family, that blogged about a couple weeks ago, is the Candy Cuff. Everyone woman I have come in contact with and shown them too, has loved them! They are thin, lightweight, colorful, and best part, you get to choose what they say. Woman, you know we love the choices...so say goodbye coats, goodbye boots, good bye brisk winds, hello new cute wrist cuffs!
hand made accessoriesawesome wrist cuffs

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