The Stack

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As a child, I loved stacking blocks. I had the old school wooden ones with the painted letters on them. I would spend hours building these little villages, and stacking them as high as I could. Now, my little brother didn't love stacking blocks, he loved coming over like a crazy man and knocking them over. I would always rebuild though. :)  I have put my blocks away, and have found a new love of stacking.

Fosterweld's "STACK" belt buckle brings hand made accessories to a whole new level. This unique piece is made up of two pieces of steel welded together to make one sweet stack.  A buckle is just plain naked without a fashion belt, and well we definitely can't have naked buckles running around. To prevent embarassment, Fosterweld offers hand made distressed leather belts that will look great with any color of our STACK belts.

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