Too many butterflies to say it? Express it in a gift.

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valentines day gift ideas
Will you be my Valentine? It’s all about the nervous butterflies, sweaty palms, and the anticipated answer. Who doesn't remember Valentines day in grade school? Staying up late the night before, picking the perfect card, and placing them in the so adorably decroated show boxes. Then awaiting for the special person to read your Valentine in hopes they will feel the same you do.  We have come a long way from the traditional valentines. For instance, starting today Fosterweld is offering Candy Cuffs.

What are Candy cuffs? We are all familiar with those popular little candy hearts, the ones with those phrases we sometimes wish we could say outloud. Well, Fosterweld has placed those phrases on sweet leather wrist cuffs. Each are hand made from genuine leather, and painted the colors of our beloved little candies.

These precious gems are going for $12 a piece.  Try giving a gift this Valentines day they wont forget!
hand made leather cuffsawesome leather wrist cuffs

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