Things that inspire

January 26, 2011

This morning I was listening to some music that made my heart smile. God has made us all unique individuals, that are inspired by different things. I am moved by songs, people's life stories, dancing, and art! Chris, owner of Fosterweld, is moved by his family, playing the guitar, snowboarding, and oddly enough, metal. He finds joy in using his gift in welding to fuel his creativity to bring others happiness in a creative way.

Fosterweld makes all different kinds of artistic items. There are several ways of expressing art, some on canvas, others on shirts, on sides of buildings, or even shoes, but we choose to display it on cool belt buckles, wrist cuffs and trendy belts. :) See if you get inspired.

laser cut belt bucklewrist cuffshand made accessoriesHand made leather belt

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