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Don't hold up your pants with just any buckle...use an original from fosterweld!

The search for creative gifts for my 2 daughters whom are in their early teens has been getting more and more difficult since they were 8. Girls get so complicated so early these days! One constant remains with all of us no matter what our age. We get along better in polite society when your pants are covering what they were intended to, thus making belts a very handy thing to have around! Wanting to not just get "any" belt, I started searching etsy for artisan buckles and came across Fosterweld. These buckles are so special! They are edgy enough for the young and hipster types, enough crunch and distress for your rocker crowd, and some with a poignant tone of refinement for the more conservative among us.

For those of us on a budget, not to mention those of us buying 3 buckles at a time for hubby and 2 girls, there is a basic yet awesome option for a light investment called the "Recession Buckle". These look so great in real life! They come in a wide variety of colors which are painted, distressed then finished in an automotive clear coat. What you don't see from the photo's is the craftsmanship that goes into the components on the other side. The welds are super clean, even and sturdy. Everything about the whole piece is built to last! I am planning to have a custom one made for me soon....I can't be left out, can I?!

Go to and get a buckle your pants can be proud of!

Today's blog was written by one of our very own customers! Special thanks to Vanessa D Meadows...visit her blog site

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