Wrap your waist with art

FOSTERWELD CUSTOM BELTS! You can't help but love them. Here are some reasons why we need belts in lives:
1. They prevent unexpected revealing of nakedness from happening. Thank goodness for that!
2. Fashion Belts do not just have to be black or brown, they can be any color you want! That's what makes fashion, fashion...its all about the color and the accessories you add to your outfit. A belt worn over a long sweater...totally cute! Which leads to point three.
3. Trendy belts can be worn in all kinds of ways; High waisted, to show a woman's tiny waist, low to give it more of the casual yet classy look, for example the fan favorite, the white leather belt. Then of course the traditional way through the hoops. All of which can be rocked with the right attitude.
4. Gentlemen, I have not forgotten you...you too need a unique belt, because no two men are the same, so why wear the same belt every other man wears. Be that guy, every other guy wants to be.
5. We simply need belts because pants were made with them in mind, so it would be unthoughtful to deprive your pants.
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