Yes, I'll take a combo

Who loves fast food combos? ME...well...until my body tells me that that was a POOR life choice, and I'm struggling to walk up a flight of stairs.  I use to associate the word COMBO with joy, and excitement, but immediately following would be this phrase, "Kiss those skinny jeans goodbye Steph."

I have good news though. FOSTERWELD can turn that combo word into an all around positive thought with that joy, excitement, and best of all phrase, "Say hello to those skinny jeans." :)

The meeting between belt and buckle is true harmony and there really isn't many other fashion accessories that are fashionable, and practical. Our cool belt buckles can be mixed and matched with any color you can think of, the sky is the limit with the possible combinations. Check out these pictures, and see for yourself! Go ahead and pic a combo you won't regret!

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