Laser Beam

laser cut belt buckle
"Don't point that at your brother's eye." I can remember vividly, my mother glaring at me, and saying these words. Therefore, causing me to shift the laser pointer to the dog instead. Growing up in the 90's there were some awesome toys, like the Laser Pointer. It is so crazy how one red dot can be so entertaining. I'm talking hours were spent playing with these pointers.  As a kid I recall wishing that lasers could actually cut through things that I pointed at, like in the movies. I know what your thinking, and No, I didn't want to cut my brother in half, at least most days. :)

Thanks to technology and its ever changing advancement, laser cutting became possible. In fact, Fosterweld makes these custom laser cut items. They really do make cool belt buckles.

hand made belt bucklecool belt buckles

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