Stocking stuffer

One of the best parts about coming down stairs for Christmas is the stocking. It was the one thing my siblings and I  could open without my parents being there. Every year we would each get a bag of our favorite candy, mine being Recesses, along with lots of little gifts you could either wear, eat, or torment a sibling with. Yes one year my brother got a sling shot....but he only managed to keep it one day. :)

Bottom line, kids always remember what they get in there stockings growing up. This year why not place an awesome wrist cuff in there. FOSTERWELD makes some pretty sweet ones. Each cuff features a piece of recycled ALUMINUM that is tastefully beveled and distressed, with the color of your choice. That plate is RIVETED to a piece of GENUINE LEATHER that is soft and supple and your choice of color. There is a post and 3 holes for a comfortable fit. Our most popular size is a MEDIUM, fitting both the ladies and the fellas.

My favorite cuff, that I would choose would be our "NEW LOVE CUFF." You can even have this customized, and put up to 11 letters on there. You can put your name, your favorite color, someone else's name, a name you wish you would have been named...the sky's the limit. :) Check out these other awesome wrist cuffs for other Christmas stocking stuffer ideas!

hand made leather cuffawesome leather cuffhand made leather cuffsweet leather cuff

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