Joke of the day, cut at my own expense.

What did the pollack say when he opened a box of Cheerios?
"Oh look, donut seeds."

In any job that you have you will make mistakes, but its all a good learning process. Now, working for Chris we have had some funny moments, and he has never let me live down the fact that one, I am polish, and two I'm blonde. I know I've made a mistake when Chris starts a phrase of with.."Well steph I know you have two things running against you, but..."

We have fun here at FOSTERWELD. We are a small belt buckle company doing the best we can, with smiles on our faces. There are times of craziness, mass production, good days, bad days, the list goes on. We are just like any other company out there, except they have hundreds of employees while we have two. So you can only imagine the kinds of things we do each day.

Chris will make our cool belt buckles and custom buckles while I will do computer stuff. Then sometimes we will switch off and he'll do computer stuff, and well since i have NO expertise in buckles, I lean towards leather.  I have made countless fashion belts, and a couple wrist cuffs, here and there. :) Bottom line, life is short,  why not spice it up with an awesome FOSTERWELD product?
awesome wrist cuffscool leather beltscool belt bucklescustom buckles

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