1/4 Japanese

Hand made belt buckleToday's blog is going to be dedicated to my friend Jared Morgan. He is my best friend's husband, whom I have come to know truly as my brother. Jared loves to brag about that fact that he is 1/4 Japanese. His grandmother, Kako is full Japanese and he prides himself in this fact. Not that he even looks anything like he is Japanese, but he is loud and proud about it. He even has a shirt that says it.

So last week all three of us were sitting on their couch looking at the FOSTERWELD blog I had written about bridal party gifts. Jared was clicking through our cool belt buckles, and he almost peed himself when he found the NEW RISING SUN belt buckle. His first words out of his mouth were, "I would totally wear that." Then he proceeds to remind us again of his heritage. :)

For Jared this awesome belt buckle reminds him of his heritage, but maybe it will remind you of a precious memory. I would love to hear about any belt buckles we make that have a sentimental value to you. I might write a blog dedicated to you. :)

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