What's a CNC?

CNC means Computer Numerically Controlled. These machines are programmed and controlled by computers, and plainly are just big simple machines. At FOSTERWELD we call it the big paperweight, because that's all it would be if we didn't program anything into it.

The CNC machine can engrave, lightly, heavily, simply, and is even capable of complex designs. This belt buckle master will be perfect for you, if you want to engrave your name, your company logo, or your family name. We can even make a dog tag for your lil pooch. 

All our belt buckles will fit any fashion belts measuring 1.5 to 1.75. Every product made my fosterweld is hand made, and unique. No two buckles look the same, well except in the case you want team buckles, and you want them to match. ;)

Below are a couple of our cool belt buckles we have done for our customers, and even some for belt buckle.com. We can also paint the engraved part to make it pop and grab peoples attention, because we all love a little attention, or at least I do. :)

engraved belt buckleengraved belt bucklecool belt bucklesawesome belt buckle

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